001 H5P Example Interactive Video: Lily-of-the-Valley

In this H5P example for interactive video, I will convert a slide presentation into an interactive video with an in-video multiple choice question and two buttons for external websites links.

Apps and Equipment

The items listed here are shown in the example video, however most can be substituted for other apps/equipment with similar functions, such as Google Slides vs Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Microsoft Clipchamp (requires Windows 10/11)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • H5P or Lumi
  • YouTube Studio
  • Computer
  • Microphone (Ear buds with mic is ok)
  • Webcam (optional)

Files to Download


  1. Open Clipchamp for recording and editing.
    1. Select “Record something”, choose “Screen recording”, then press the red record button in the lower left corner.
    2. Choose the screen you want to display and select “share” to start the recording.
  2. Open PowerPoint slides for presenting.
    1. Use full screen presentation mode, so the other apps on your desktop are not showing.
    2. Add voiceover as you present the slides.
    3. Press “Escape” on keyboard to exit full screen mode.
  3. Open Clipchamp and stop recording.
    1. The file will auto-download as a .webm video file.
    2. Re-take the recording or save and edit as needed.
    3. Select “Export”, then “1080p” video resolution, to download as an .mp4 video file.
  4. Open YouTube Studio and upload .mp4 file.
    1. Fill in required fields.
    2. Select visibility options: must choose “Unlisted” or “Public” to use in H5P.
    3. Copy the video sharing link.
  5. Open Word and plan the interactions.
    1. Watch the video and plan the exact times for interactions.
    2. Consolidate the video link, questions and other external links into this document.
  6. Open H5P or Lumi and select “Add content”.
    1. Select “Interactive Video”.
    2. Add the video URL.
    3. Add interactions, cut and paste information from document.
    4. Publish and share via embed code.

Final Content Type

This activity cannot be embedded on other websites. To use this activity in your own websites, you must select “Reuse” and then select “Download as an .h5p file”. In your instance of the H5P creation tool, select “Add Content”, then select “Upload” and choose the file ending in .h5p that you recently downloaded.


The H5P community is all about sharing! Please consider sharing the link to your remixed creations in one of the following places:

  • the comments below,
  • the H5P Showcase forum,
  • social media with #H5Pcommunity
  • or the H5P OER Hub.

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