007 H5P Example: The Chase (Live Quiz Game)

The Chase is a live quiz game exclusively available in the paid H5P.com subscriptions. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup the game and review the steps for both instructors and participants.

Apps and Equipment

Content Customization

This content type has several color themes: purple, blue, green, yellow, red, light and dark.

It also has background music that can be enabled or disabled by the participants.

Content Type Notes

  • This content type is only supported in paid H5P.com subscriptions. It will not work in self-hosted H5P plugins for Moodle, WordPress or Drupal and is not compatible with Lumi Education apps.
  • This is a live engagement quizzing game. Although it can be used for online courses, instructors and participants must access the game at a designated time. It is not for asynchronous use.
  • Automatic passing of scores to the learning management system (LMS) grade book will work if the game is created within an assignment vs a page.

Final Content Type

Click to download this file h5p-trivia.zip

Unzip the file. In your instance of the H5P creation tool, select “Add Content”, then select “Upload” and choose the file ending in .h5p that you recently downloaded.

Gameplay Instructions for Teachers

  1. Open the assignment in your online course or in your H5P.com account.
  2. Select the game duration: unlimited or limited. And adjust the time as needed.
  3. Move the selector for full-screen view, if needed.
  4. Give directions to participants.
    • The student view in a LMS will not ask for a numeric code, if The Chase was created within an online course with an integrated H5P.com account.
    • Participants will see this message “Waiting for the presenter to start the session…”
  5. Click or tap the Start Game button to start the timer and allow participants to begin.
  6. On the instructor screen, select the 3 dots on the right for game options.
    • The game will end once the time limit is reached or when you select end game.
    • The leaderboard will display the top scoring participants.
    • Select Show Summary to display the answers on the participant’s screen.

Gameplay Instructions for Participants

  1. Open the assignment in your online course or navigate to https://go.h5p.com.
  2. If required, enter the numeric code for the live game.
  3. Enter your name and select an avatar.
  4. Move the selector for full-screen view, if needed.
  5. Click or tap the Enter button. The screen will change once the instructor starts the game.
  6. Complete the questions within the time limit.
  7. Move the selector for page completion, if it appears at the end of the questions.
  8. Select the Submit button.
  9. Results will appear once the time limit is reached or your instructor ends the game.


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