YT Channel Hiatus and H5P Resources

Due to some ongoing health issues that started in February 2023, I am unable to produce videos for the eLearn Lyra YouTube channel. Thank you for understanding!

007 H5P Example: The Chase (Live Quiz Game)

The Chase is a live quiz game exclusively available in the paid subscriptions. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup the game and review the steps for both instructors and participants.

PowerPoint vs H5P Course Presentation

Comparison of Microsoft PowerPoint slides and H5P Course Presentation slides.

3 ways to convert PowerPoint slides to H5P Course Presentation slides.

005 H5P Course Presentation: Children’s eBook

In this H5P example for Course Presentation, I will show you how to take simple images, text and audio narration, and turn it into a digital children’s picture book that is easily shareable on most any website.

Lumi Education Cloud App – Create an Embed Code (iframe)

The Lumi Education Cloud app has some features that are not fully built yet. One of those is the automatic embed code for a content type. This tutorial will demonstrate how to write an embed code using the HTML iframe tag.