Review of Lumi Education Cloud App eLearning Tool (2022)

Lumi Education app is a web-based content authoring tool that uses H5P technology. It was founded by 2 educators in Germany. Lumi Education is a separate company from the H5P Group.

eLearning Lumi Cloud App

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Lumi Education offers a free desktop app and a free web-based app.

Best Use Cases

Formative Assessment

The best and most common use of this authoring tool is to create formative assessments in an online course. Formative assessments are typically worth low or no points, such as knowledge check questions that appear throughout a course.

eLearning Portfolios

Since the web-based app offers free hosting of content, this is a low-cost way to create examples of eLearning activities that can be embedded in a website portfolio.


  • Free cloud hosting
  • Desktop app does not require WiFi
  • Variety of content
  • Quick and simple
  • Public search for open education resources (OER)
  • Compatible with H5P content types
  • Analytics is on the app roadmap


  • Possible account and/or content deletion in Terms of Service
  • Limited customization of colors and fonts
  • No help pages or support yet and no community forum
  • OER quality varies, but rating system is on app roadmap
  • Requires testing to ensure accessibility standards are met
  • No integration with gradebooks yet

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