YT Channel Hiatus and H5P Resources

Due to some ongoing health issues that started in February 2023, I am unable to produce videos for the eLearn Lyra YouTube channel. Thank you for understanding!

PowerPoint vs H5P Course Presentation

Comparison of Microsoft PowerPoint slides and H5P Course Presentation slides.

3 ways to convert PowerPoint slides to H5P Course Presentation slides.

Lumi Education Cloud App – Create an Embed Code (iframe)

The Lumi Education Cloud app has some features that are not fully built yet. One of those is the automatic embed code for a content type. This tutorial will demonstrate how to write an embed code using the HTML iframe tag.

What is H5P?

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H5P is a web-based app for creating digital activities that is managed by H5P Group, a private company in Norway. The name H5P is a shortened version of HTML5 package.