007 H5P Example: The Chase (Live Quiz Game)

The Chase is a live quiz game exclusively available in the paid H5P.com subscriptions. In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup the game and review the steps for both instructors and participants.

005 H5P Course Presentation: Children’s eBook

In this H5P example for Course Presentation, I will show you how to take simple images, text and audio narration, and turn it into a digital children’s picture book that is easily shareable on most any website.

004 H5P Example Advent Calendar: 2022 Beta

In this H5P example for advent calendar, I will demo a pre-made digital countdown calendar featuring 24 doors that open to reveal a Christmas music video.

001 H5P Example Interactive Video: Lily-of-the-Valley

001 H5P Interactive Video

In this H5P example for interactive video, I will convert a slide presentation into an interactive video with an in-video multiple choice question and two buttons for external websites links.